Maui’s Estate Planning Law Firm

Aloha and Welcome!

The planning of any estate involves a variety of different considerations, which affect decisions about who will be named as beneficiaries, and who will be appointed to ensure that plans are properly implemented.  The goal of our Firm is to assist Clients with identifying and understanding relevant concerns, choosing the best means of accomplishing their objectives, and then preparing appropriate documents to implement decisions.

The Firm focuses its law practice almost exclusively upon the following areas of estate planning:

▸    Consultations regarding selected aspects of estate planning (including  gifts made prior to death), probate, wills and trusts, transfer (gift and estate) taxation, and real property law;

▸    Preparation of wills, trusts, and related documents, such as deeds, powers of attorney, medical directives, and other conveyance documents;

▸    Preparation of Transfer on Death Deeds (for Hawaii real property only);

▸    Probate Proceedings for people who die with (or without) a Last Will and Testament in effect; and

▸    Trust administration.

Almost all of our clients are residents of Maui County.  Dwight K. Muraoka is licensed to practice law only in the State of Hawaii.  As such, the Firm does not assist non Hawaii residents with their estate planning, except in limited cases where assistance is needed to convey Hawaii real property into a Trust established in another state, or to probate Hawaii real property for a deceased out of state owner.

We believe that estate planning is best undertaken where all of a client’s advisors collectively focus upon the needs of the client.  As such, we welcome the opportunity to work with other advisors, including accountants, financial planners and insurance advisors.  However, the Firm is not affiliated with any other law firm, financial institution, insurance company, accounting or consulting firm.